Hi folks,

i have recently fallen in love with the show again and at the moment i am trying to get the episodes from the internet, i have managed to find resources only for the first 9 episodes, but i seem to be stuck by the rest of them, do you anyone have any idea where i could get them or how? and why isn't the show still on dvds *grumbles*...I would appreciate your help a lot :)
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The revamp of the CI5 Ops site is now complete. We've done away with the frames, reorganised everything to make things easier to find, revamped the fiction and multimedia sections entirely. We've also added links to fansites and created a new 'community' area, which now includes links to the two livejournals we run - the CI5 Ops announcement journal and a CI5 drabble community. Livejournal (, for those who aren't aware of it, is a weblogging place where many of us hang out, post stray thoughts and stray fic snippets and, as Jen mentioned last week, they've recently done away with invite codes, so anyone can join and participate in these communities.

We've also added 5 new stories - two new stories by Melissa in the adult section, and new stories by Ariadne, Claire and Chya, and Rod in the slash section.

Enjoy! And if you find any broken links, I'd be grateful if you drop one of us a line (alyse @ or tasha @
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We're now at 490 stories and 99 drabbles.

* Updated the Cat Tales series by Claire in the Slash fanfiction section

* Added a new story by Melissa to the general fanfiction section

* Added a new drabble by Melissa to general drabbles.

[ETA: I've also changed the settings of the community to make it open membership, so anyone who is watching the community but hasn't wanted to mail Tasha or I to join can now join without talking to us ::g::]
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Three stories added:

- a new story by Claire to the Slash fanfiction section.

- a new story by Eve, a sequel to 'Exodus' in the general fiction section

- a new story by Melissa in the general fanfiction section.

Melissa and Claire's stories were posted to the lists. Eve's is premiering on the site.

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Just being the pain I normally am, a question came up reading the last entry. It's not so much one about the motivations why we choose a certain genre to write in, or read ...
It's more a general question born from - I admit - sheer curiosity: WHY DO PEOPLE WRITE AT ALL?

Mean I know why I spend my time in front of my PC, muttering and struggling with a foreign language. It's a sort of therapy. But what are the reasons for other (more active) writers?
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